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What is IRS?
For School Students
Get inspired to do science and work in an international team
For Delegation Leaders
Make new professional contacts and exchange experience with colleagues from all parts of the world
For Tutors
Master research oriented teaching methods and get experience in working with a multicultural group of students

The International Research School (IRS) is an international scientific and educational project for everyone who is interested to discover the world around and the people who live in it.
The IRS aims to promote global understanding between representatives of different countries and cultures through joint research and creative activities.
Senior school students from around the world gather together for several days to participate in express projects in natural sciences and humanities under the guidance and supervision of young scientists from Russia and abroad.

For only 10 days, the projects pass all their stages: a hypothesis, setting the goals and objectives of the experiment, data collection and processing, presentation of the results to colleagues and experts. In addition IRS offers lots of interactive trainings, games, workshops, concerts, tours and sports events.

Delegation leaders exchange their experience in doing science with children at the workshop organized as part of the IRS.
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IRS Projects
An IRS project Is a scientific work in a certain field, which can be implemented by a group of students within the framework of the IRS. Express projects can be of the "research" or "project" types.

The subject of the express project and its preliminary plan are developed by tutors - young scientists from all over the world.

The IRS participants, who choose the area of science they want to specialize in beforehand, are introduced into the subject of the project at the beginning of the event. Joined together into international teams they conduct a real joint research project from setting the goals to obtaining the results, which are presented to a committee of experts at the end of the IRS.
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IRS Tutors
Tutor is a supervisor of a research project group that implements an express research project at the IRS.

Traditionally, each IRS project has two tutors. At least one of them is the author of the idea and the plan for its implementation. We also have assistant tutors, who, being experts in the same or a close scientific field, accompany the work of the students during the IRS. Sometimes, both tutors can be the leaders of the group's work, if they have planned and scheduled the work together.

What we appreciate in tutors is communicative skills, ability to unite people into a team, attentiveness and respect for children and good English.

We are interested to have an international or, at least, interregional tandems of tutors in every project group.

The work of tutors is accompanied by an experienced team of methodologists and expert tutors of the IRS. Any methodological and pedagogical questions or difficulties that the tutors have in the course of the projects are discussed and resolved in the format of individual and general consultations.
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The International Research School has been held since 2008.
For the years of its history the IRS has had participants from Russia, Columbia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Slovenia, Turkey, Thailand and other countries.

Our tutors work in universities and research laboratories in Russia, Belarus, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Canada,Croatia, Denmark, Great Britain, Belgium, Greece, France, Mexico, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine and USA.

Popular scientific lectures and workshops for the participants are given by researchers from the leading Russian universities and scientific centers.

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