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IRS 2022 Format
The 14th International Research School will be held in a hybrid (face-to-face and remote) format.

The first 12 Schools were held in face-to-face format: in the Moscow region (2008-2014, 2016), the Kaliningrad region (2015), the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) (2017, 2018), the Kaluga region (2019). The 13th IRS in 2021 was held online.

After a two-year break, we are very pleased to once again host participants from different countries in the Yakutia region on June 30 - July 10, 2022.

However, for those participants who, due to quarantine restrictions, will not be able to come to Yakutia, there will be an opportunity to remotely join the work of some project teams.

A number of project tasks will be structured in such a way that the participants can effectively implement them while being in different countries and regions at the same time: for example, measure the same indicators in different geographic locations of our planet (using a single instruction and tools), and then compare the data obtained with each other. Another option could be to distribute different tasks between the team members from different parts of the world and eventually bring them together into one project.

In the remote mode, the main work on the project will be carried out by the participants independently in accordance with the video instructions that the tutors will publish at the beginning of each day. online project team meetings up to one per day. At daily online meetings, all members of the project team will discuss and analyze the work done during the day.

Today there are many proven international digital tools to facilitate online group work. We will provide the students with the lists of technical requirements and programs necessary for working at IRS and in a specific project team, so that participants can get prepared.

Project teams forming will be organized in advance, before the IRS starts - during the electronic registration. It will help the tutors to plan their work better taking into account the difference in time zones, as well as the characteristics of the regions where the students live.To help students make their choice beforehand we will publish not only the text summaries of the projects, but their video presentations by the tutors and feedback forms in case participants want to clarify something about the project.

IRS 2022 Venue
Yakutia region
In eastern Russia there is an amazing land - with thick forests, deep rivers and lakes - rich in gas, coal and diamonds. There you will also find a number of large industrial and scientific centers. But, at the same time, the local population honor the traditions of their ancestors, and primitive shamanism is still practiced there. All that is the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Saha is the largest region of Russia ( over 3000 thousand km²), and almost half of its area lies above the Arctic Circle. Different nations live in that vast land, including Yakuts, Russian, Evens, Evenks, Ukrainians and Tatars. However, the population density is almost the lowest in Russia - totally less than a million people.

Summers in Yakutia are not very hot, and its winters are famous for the lowest temperatures on the planet. Most of the Republic is located in the permafrost area, and even on the hottest days, the ground is not warmed up, and is a mixture of soil and ice. Another world-famous geological feature of Yakutia is the Lena Pillars: the sheer cliffs - up to 220 meters high - stretched along the banks of the Lena River for 104 km. The locals say that the Pillars are spirits' home, but for scientists they are a natural phenomenon, which tells a lot about the natural history of Earth.

It is a place with a long history: archaeological finds prove that people started settling there as far back as in the Paleolithic period . However, Saha is better known in the world as the land of mammoths, that are often found in the permafrost untouched by decay.
More information about Yakutia
Sakha Junior Science Academy
The 14th IRS will take place in the New Educational and Laboratory Building of the Sakha Junior Science Academy, the Regional Center for gifted children. Apart from the science labs and classrooms there are also dormitories and restaurant.

The participants will be accommodated in the comfortable rooms : 2 people per room, with 1 the bathroom per block of 2 rooms. The leaders will stay in individual rooms with 1 the bathroom per block of 2 rooms. We will do our best to accommodate members of the same delegation together taking into account the gender factor as well.

There will be 3 meals a day in a buffet-restaurant of the Academy. On tours theThe 14th the participants will be given packed lunches.

Sakha Junior Science Academy
1, G.Savvina street, Chapayevo, Khagalasskiy uluss, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), 678011, Russia

Tel/fax: +7(41144)24562, Tel: +7(41144)24102
IRS Team
Ksenia Salnikova
General Director
Alexey Obukhov
Sсientific Director
Ivan Smirnov
Development Director
Olga Ostrovskaya
General Management
Natalia Leontovich
IT and Technical Support
Luisa Adamyan
Communicative and Networking Program
Anton Lukashevich
Event Moderation & Translation
Yana Fisher
Communicative and Networking Program
Elena Vlasova
Photo & Video Production
Polina Kraynova
IRS 2022 Organizers
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IRS Anthem
(now, the official MILSET Anthem)

Around the world there are so many nations
The countries borders tore the earth apart
But borders don`t exist for inspiration
And nothing limits sciences and arts

No more borders we are all together
Doesn't matter what`s your mother tongue
We are here to break the walls forever
No more limits the future`s for the young
No more limits the future`s for the young

And if you seek discoveries and inventions
And if your mind is opened to the new
You can reveal the mysteries of nature
The future of the word depends on you!

No more borders we are all together
Doesn't matter what`s your mother tongue
We are here to break the walls forever
No more limits the future`s for the young
No more limits the future`s for the young

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