Tutors Start the School
29th of June 2023
The participants of IRS 2023 are still on their way here, but the tutors have already gathered and got to know each other. Every year, before the participants arrive at the IRS venue we arrange a tutors' training, where the IRS team members get to know each, play different team-building games and, having broken into teams, design small projects and present them to each other. These projects, of course, are comic and funny, but structurally they look almost like the real ones.
The purpose of all this, in addition to just getting to know each other and having fun together, is also to practice in the distribution of roles and tasks, which is normally one of the main problems for tutors while working on a project.
This time, as always, it was a lot of fun – both to play games, and come up with funny "projects", and to see and listen to the projects of others. Anyway, you can see for yourself on the photos.
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