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IRS 2023 Tutors' Contest
If you are looking for new vistas and horizons in teaching science - get on board!

The IRS Organizing Committee launches a tutors' contest for the 15th International Research School (15th IRS). We invite young scientists, undergraduates and post-graduates to join us this summer as TUTORS.

You will be among the most important people at the IRS, as it is tutors who design and lead express-projects, which are the very heart and soul of the School.

As the IRS tutors you will get unique opportunities:
  • to take part in an international scientific and educational project,
  • to try your hand as a scientific leader of a creative group of high school students from different countries,
  • to master the methods of tutoring and research education;
  • to make friends and exchange experiences with young scientists and teachers from the world's leading universities.
Dates: June 29 — July 9, 2023 (June 28 — Intruductory training for tutors)
Location: Issyk Kul Lake, Kyrgyz Republic
Format: Face-to-face

Candidates will be selected on a competitive basis.
If you want to be a part of IRS tutors team and have an idea of research project, please fill in the preliminary application form before February 20!

More detailed information about the contest can be found below.
IRS2012 (Moscow region), Acoustics project group, tutor Sergey Chernik
What is the IRS about?
IRS is a unique international project, an opportunity for children to do real science, work with modern lab equipment, visit scientific centers, make new friends from all the parts of our planet. This is a project for everyone interested in the world around us. Senior school students from around the world gather together for several days to participate in express projects in the natural sciences and humanities under the guidance and supervision of young scientists from Russia and abroad. For only 10 days, the projects pass all their stages: a hypothesis, setting the goals and objectives of the experiment, data collection and processing, presentation of the results to colleagues and experts. In addition IRS offers lots of interactive trainings, games, workshops, concerts, tours and sports events.
IRS2013 (Moscow region). Geology project group, tutor Egor Leonenko
Who is a Tutor?
Tutor is a supervisor of the research project group, which implements an express project at the IRS.

He could be a young scientist, dedicated researcher, who respects children. Sociable, helpful, English speaking, team-leader. We always give priority to those candidates who have experience in teaching or who want to receive it. What we appreciate in tutors is communication skills, ability to unite people into a team, attentiveness and respect for children and good English.
IRS2018 (Yakutia). Paleontology project group, tutors Stanislav Kolesov and Elizaveta Denisova
Traditionally, each IRS project has two tutors. At least one of them is the author of the idea and the plan for its implementation. We call this person the leading tutor. We also have assistant-tutors, who, being experts in the same or a close scientific field, join the project already selected for the IRS. Together with the leading tutor, they accompany the work of the participants during the IRS. Sometimes, both tutors can be the leaders of the group's work, if they have planned and scheduled the work together.

We are interested to have an international or, at least, interregional tandems of tutors in every project group.

The work of tutors is accompanied by an experienced team of methodologists and expert tutors of the IRS. Any methodological and pedagogical questions or difficulties that the tutors have in the course of the projects are discussed and resolved in the format of individual and general consultations.
What is an express project?
This is a scientific work in a certain field, which can be implemented by a group of students within the framework of the International Research School. Express projects can be of a "research" or "project" types.
IRS2015 (Kaliningrad region). Ecology project group, tutor Maria Smirnova
What is an ideal projeсt at the IRS?
  • Its idea is clear to representatives of different countries;
  • Its idea is interesting and fascinating for teenagers, and awakens their scientific curiosity;
  • It contains a problem or a problematic (topical) question, the answer to which is not obvious at the beginning of the projet (even for the tutors themselves);
  • It contains a research part (data collection and analysis, experiment)
  • It can be implemented in a limited time (5-6 days);
  • It can be realized in the conditions of the educational center (without supercomplex equipment and special laboratory conditions);
  • It can involve at least 8 participants in joint activity (optimally — 10-12)
IRS2009 (Moscow region), Mecatronics project group, tutors Héctor Emmanuel Muñoz Zapata, Jesús Iván Salomón García, Liliana Elizabeth Arvizu Rodríguez
We particularly welcome the express-projects, in which research is conducted in nature or cultural objects of Issyk Kul lake region, or which can engage all the IRS participants. Interdisciplinary projects are always interesting.
What does the participation in the IRS bring you for your professional growth?
A unique pedagogical practice that will allow you to master the methods to tutorship as well as the methods of research teaching in a multicultural environment, and to exchange experiences with young teachers and scientists from all over the world!
The work of tutors is accompanied by methodologists, which makes it possible to comprehend professional experience and improve pedagogical competence.
How to apply?
  • as a tutor you are supposed to elaborate your own idea of an express-projects and fill in the preliminary application form before February 20, 2023. In case your project idea will be admitted, you will be requested to fill in the detailed project form with the work schedule and technical needs before March 15, 2023.
  • as an assistants tutor you are supposed to send a motivation letter together with your Curriculum Vitae to info@irschool.org before February 15, 2023.
Terms of participation
Participation for tutors and assistants is free. Their expenses on accommodation, meals, local transportation, sightseeing program will be covered by organizers. Tutors are responsible for their travel costs to Bishkek and back.
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