9th of July 2023
So, the 15th International Research School has ended. We lowered the flag on the main square of the Dolphin hotel, sang the national anthem and announced the IRS officially closed.

Then, of course, there was a party where we said goodbye to each other for real, cried, hugged, gave each other gifts and knitted ribbons as a keepsake. As always, at the end of the School it was a little sad because those wonderful 10 days were over, but we all understand perfectly well that our goodbyes do not mean the end – they mean the beginning.

We know that the friendship that starts here continues for many years, we know that we will see many of those who came to the IRS for the first time this year again soon, because they will definitely want to come back, perhaps more than once.

And so, we don't really say goodbye, but rather 'see you soon'. See you at the 16th International Research School.

In the meantime, here at this link you can find a whole bunch of photos from our farewell party. And maybe smile one more time.


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