5th of July 2023
Half of the School has already passed, but we haven't ever written a single piece of news concerning the most important thing in its content - work on the projects. Some may even have the impression that the IRS is all about songs, dances, and having fun.
However, it is not the case. That is, of course, we find time to have fun, but right now hard work is underway on all projects, and most of the day the participants are busy with just that.
For example, the team of the paleontological project spent two days excavating in the place where the remains of a mammoth were found last year, and they found what scientists could not find last year - a whole tooth of this ancient animal that had lain in the ground for at least a hundred thousand years!
And the team of hydrobiologists went to take water samples in different places on the coast of Issyk-Kul, and now, having returned to the laboratory, they are actively studying them to draw conclusions about the state of the lake's aquatic ecosystem.
Other project groups are busy with no less interesting things. But we will tell you about them tomorrow. Stay tuned for the news!
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