15th of July 2023
It can now be stated without any exaggeration that the 15th International Research School was a great success. This time we had over 150 talented young researchers from 15 different countries - Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Israel, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Mexico, Serbia, Slovenia, USA, Thailand, Turkey, France, and Ethiopia. Eleven projects in very different academic areas – technology, natural sciences, humanities - were implemented, and many of them impressed even our highly experienced experts. And - no less important - once again the School managed to create that amazing atmosphere of friendship and universal unity without borders, for which it is known and appreciated all over the world.

Of course, all that could not have happened if many caring people had not come together and invested their efforts in IRS 2023. And we express our deep gratitude to all those who helped us organize the School.

We are thankful to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Dolphin hotel "Delfin" and, first of all, the Scientific and Educational Complex "Lomonosov School" for their invaluable assistance in organizing and holding MIS 2023.

We are also thankful to the All-Russian Movement of Creative Teachers "Researcher" for being our main founder and partner for 15 years and always helping us in everything. We are grateful to two other host organizations from Russia - Lomonosov Moscow State University High School and Vernadsky Non-Governmental Environmental Foundation for the comprehensive support of IIS 2023.

Of course, we are very thankful to our excellent team of tutors both for the implementation of the main scientific content of the school – the express projects, and for the huge contribution to the creation of the unique atmosphere of the school.

And it is for the same thing – this very atmosphere – that we say special thanks to the team of volunteers from the organization "Students of Kyrgyzstan for Green Economy". Not only did they help us hold the event - but it was also thanks to them that we learned a lot about the traditional culture of Kyrgyzstan.

Thanks a lot, to all those organizations from different countries and regions that sent their delegations to IRS 2023. They brought us the smartest, most talented, and enthusiastic participants in the world!

And finally, many thanks to the MILSET movement (www.milset.org), because in these difficult times it remains true to the idea of uniting different countries into an international scientific community, tolerance, mutual respect and complementarity of cultures, and thus we under its auspices can hold such events as the International Research School!

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