The image of your own and another country: how it changes when meeting with representatives of different countries
Social and cultural anthropology
The International Research School is a unique project for intercultural communication. This is where we can learn as much as we can about our cultures, traditions, customs and life in general.
Intercultural comunication program at the International Research School
However, there are certain stereotypes about one's own and other cultures that may initially interfere with successful communication. They arise at a time of misunderstanding of each other or failure to accept someone else's culture or opinions.
On the project, we will try to track autostereotypization (stereotypes about our own culture, nation) and heterostereotypization (stereotypes about other peoples) and get acquainted with the mechanisms and tools for overcoming them, get acquainted with the concept of cultural distance, how to fix and decrease it, as well as how these indicators change in the process of intercultural communication at the IRS.

Daria Nikitina

Yelets, Russia
Daria is a teacher of English and German. She has been into it for 15 years. For the time being, she teaches professional English to future diplomats. What's more, last year she entered the master degree program of "International economic cooperation". I has participated in several IRSs as a tutor of social anthropology project and a co-tutor of animation project.
She loves listening to good music. From time to time she works as an interpreter at different interesting events. Daria will be happy to see all of you this time!

Alexandra Savelieva

Moscow, Russia
Alexandra is MSU graduated ecologyst and professional photographer.

Last year she took a part at IRS as a tutor of an urban and social project dedicated to the comfort of living in cities and countryside.

Alexandra likes to travel and explore new cultures and places, she thinks that communication with people is the best way to sense life. She visited more than 25 countries and 25 regions of Russia. Also she is a coach and blogger.
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