Can machines help us to predict air pollution?
Computer Science, Electronics, Ecology
Welcome to IRS 15!

As you know, air pollution is a significant problem in many parts of the world. With this IRS project, we aim to predict air pollution levels in cities where participants and tutors come from! We will first collect the historical data from multiple sources, such as local stations, weather data, and our own measurement devices, so we can then use machine learning algorithms to generate accurate predictions of future air pollution levels.
This project is designed for students who are interested in the field of computer science, more specifically those of data science and machine learning. Throughout the project, participants will gain hands-on experience in data collection, analysis, and visualization, as well as programming skills in Python. By working in a team, you will collaborate to develop and fine-tune machine learning models, ultimately creating a tool that can help make smart decisions about air quality and environmental health.
Moreover, this project is not only a great opportunity for students to learn about machine learning but also to make a meaningful contribution to their community. By developing an accurate air pollution prediction model, students will be taking a step towards addressing a significant environmental issue that affects the daily lives of many people.

We invite students who are interested in data science, environmental issues, and making a positive impact on their community to join us for this exciting project! Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to develop essential skills while also making a difference in the world around you.
Requirements to the students:
Basic knowledge of programming using Python or any similar language (R, MATLAB, Julia). Basic computer skills (Office or OpenOffice) are required, as well as functional knowledge of English language. Preferred mathematical, logical, algorithmic thinking.

Andrey and Danica met at IRS 10 and decided to work together on IRS15!

Andrey Yakovlev

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Andrey, 28 years old, born in Yakutsk, Russia now living in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I got my Masters degree in the field of theoretical physics, but ended up working as a machine learning engineer at a game developing company. Some facts about me: I love coffee, 4 is the number of IRS I attended as tutor (including this), 2 is the amount of projects I worked with Danica.

Danica Despotović

Paris, France
Danica is a data scientist solving issue of sleep apnea in a startup Apneal. My PhD was in neuroscience on models of vision, also in Paris, although my educational background is in signal processing from University of Novi Sad, Serbia. What interest me the most is processing of biomedical signals, especially the brain ones. This year will be a small jubilee: my 5th IRS!
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