How fat are our favorite snacks: Comparative study
Organic Chemistry
Because of people's busy lifestyles, global trends have shifted toward fast food consumption. As a result, the daily dietary reference intake of fat has been exceeded, resulting in a variety of health disorders. The lipid profile is important in nutritional labeling since it helps to understand the nutritional value of different foods.

Almost every one of us enjoys daily consumption of snack food. While we can all read the nutrition facts on the back of the pack, many of us don't know what that means, let alone how it is determined.
Rising consumption of fast-food already resulted in higher than ever percentage of people with obesity, atherosclerosis and lots of other diseases connected with increased fat consumption, especially in the developed countries. This leads to heart attacks and strokes, which are the most common cause of death nowadays, despite all modern medical technologies.
This short research will introduce IRS participants to the laboratory techniques that are used for determination of lipid content in materials such as food.

If you want to learn more about the laboratory determination of lipids in your favorite snacks, we will welcome you to this express research at IRS 2022.
Requirements to the students

Basic knowledge in Organic Chemistry


Ivana Jevtić

Belgrade, Serbia
Dr Ivana Jevtic finished her PhD two years ago but has been working as a research scientist and teaching assistant at the Faculty of Chemistry for seven years now. Ivana believes that chemistry is amazing because you can do a bunch of cool stuff in the lab!
She prefers Organic and Medicinal Chemistry because it explains how life works, on the molecular level. She says that, when you are a scientist, you can meet a lot of nerds like
yourself, who like SciFi books, movies and games and in general, know a lot of unimportant trivia about a lot of stuff. And one more thing, scientists never grow old.That is what Ivana likes about it! This is her fifth time to be a tutor at IRS, the
experience of that is precious.

Stepan Konstantinov

Moscow, Russia
Stepan graduated from one of the best Moscow schools specialized in Biology and entered the Sechenov Medical University. Now he is finishing his second year of study and has already managed to pass exams in organic and analytical chemistry, physiology and microbiology. He came to the International Research School twice as a participant in 2018 and 2020, and this year is going as an assistant tutor. Stepan is primarily interested in Biological and Organic Chemistry. In addition to these disciplines, he is keen on Hstory and IT.
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