Teaching is for everyone!
6th of July 2022
That is why there are Open space workshops at IRS, which can be initiated by anyone - a participant, tutor, organiser, volunteer, head of delegation or even an invited guest.
This year Nikita from Moscow sang guitar songs with the guys , delegation leaders taught Latvian language and the General Director of the Trust Fund for Future Generations, Vladimir Anatolyevich Egorov, held football and chess tournaments.
To make a plate out of clay, to learn how to take cool pictures on the phone, to make an author's postcard or a traditional rag doll, to learn to dance samba, bake khachapuri or start learning a new language - there are so many different opportunities how to have a great evening at IRS-2022!
Be sure to join us next year: discover a new hobby and share your hobbies with the world! You can make your dream come true here on IRS.
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