The IRS 2022 is open!
2st of July 2022
We have been waiting for this moment for several years. Yesterday in Khangalassky uluus (Yakutia) there was a opening of the 14th International Research School.

The participants were greeted by the people who made this school possible: Rector of the Small Academy of Sciences of the RS (Ya) Vasily Klimovich Pavlov; General Director of the Trust Fund for Future Generations Vladimir Anatolyevich Egorov; founder of the MISH Alexander Vladimirovich Leontovich, scientific director of the MISH Alexey Sergeevich Obukhov. Irina Anatolyevna Repina, the first female scientist who spent a whole season in Antarctica, said a parting word to the young researchers.

The culmination of the opening was the raising of the flag and the performance of the IRS anthem together with online participants. It was truly exciting and touching moment. "The lines of this anthem mean a lot to each of us, especially today, when the planet is facing hard times. We always remember that that "nothing limits sciences and art" and that "we are all together" and "future is for the young," said Ksenia Sergeevna Salnikova, director of IRS.
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