Distance is not an obstacle
7th of July 2022
Interaction with participants from Iran, Mexico takes place via various channels (zoom, discord, telegram), where they receive special tasks, communicate with tutors and members of their team.
Online participants of the project "Medicinal plants against bacteria" describe medicinal plants of their region and analyze the results of the group's experiments: calculate the number of bacteria from samples.
At the project "Universal Fairy Tale: Does it exist?" representatives of the delegations of Iran and Mexico, together with offline participants, study theoretical approaches to the analysis of folklore texts, share folk tales of their countries and participate in the processing of sociological survey data.
The Global Climate Change project works really on a global scale: remote participants analyzed data from weather stations in different cities of the world, and later began working with field data that were obtained from meteorological sensors installed by project participants in different parts of Yakutia
As the IRS anthem says, "nothing limits science and art". Neither the difference in time zones nor technical difficulties can stop those who are interested in exploring and working in a team
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