Sharing the culture.
4rd of July 2022
Finally we experienced on of the most pivotal events of the IRS - the cultural evening. It is indeed our tradition - the bright and exciting moment for all of us.

This year delegations from Yakutia, Buryatia, Moscow, Mexico, Israel, Turkey, Serbia, Iran and Brazil took part in it.
It is not just concert yet the fully immersive play, where every guest is involved. Students, tutors , organizers and volunteers were captured and united in this festy roundelay on colourful patchwork of different cultures.

If you are eager to learn to dance samba, what to expect if you're unexpectedly turn on at the Serbian wedding, enjoy the beauty of _ and learn the secret ingredient of Mexican cuisine - you are welcome!

And it doesn't matter what is the best city in the world - because the best place in the world in July is the IRS!
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