The participants are ready for the IRS 2022!
1st of July 2022
Today, the participants of the 14th International Research School finally met! Teams from Turkey, Moscow, Moscow region, Buryatia, Krasnodar Krai and Yakutia gathered in Khangalassky ulus; tutors from Brazil, Serbia, Mexico and various regions of Russia are also here. Participants from Iran, Mexico and the UAE joined the meeting online.
Work on projects starts tomorrow, so it is important for the participants to establish interaction and master work in a hybrid format. At the general communication game, the guys were divided into four "tribes".
Greet each other in 10 different languages? Whistle songs about the air, tell a joke about the earth?Our participants easily coped with all this. During the training, students got to know each other, overcame language barriers through interactive contests and folk games.
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