IRS Events and Activities
Communicative training
(team-building for delegation leaders)
This is our first informal meeting. The IRS gathers participants from all around the world. We have a lot in common, but in many ways we are different, too. So how to understand each other? What is important to consider when communicating and interacting? This training will help you answer these questions. Besides, it is also a great opportunity to meet new people, learn a lot of interesting things about each other and simply have fun together.

Participation: Compulsory for all.
Dress code: Up to you. It is a good idea to wear something comfortable that lets you move freely
How to prepare: You only need to bring your smile and good mood.
The Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony is the starting point of the IRS, where the participants are welcomed by the organizers and distinguished guests. At the opening ceremony, we also raise the flag of the IRS and sing its anthem together.

Participation: Compulsory for all.
Dress code: Formal clothes
How to prepare: We suggest you listen to the audio recording of the anthem and learn its lyrics beforehand, so we will sound more harmonious and united!
Project presentations by the tutors
This is a key moment at the beginning of the School. The tutors will personally tell you what they will do with their project groups in the course of the IRS. After that the participants will have to make their final choice on which project to join and immediately inform their delegation leaders on their decision.

Participation: Compulsory for all
Dress code: Formal clothes
How to prepare: Read the project summaries on our website in advance and select the 1-3 ones, which you will find the most interesting for yourself. It is always best to have an alternative, because, according to the IRS regulations: according to the IRS regulations, no more than one person per project group are allowed! We really want all the teams to be as international as possible. If there are difficulties, we normally conduct additional interviews with participants, as we always try to meet their interests. In any case, do not be afraid to try something completely different. Who knows when you get a second chance!
Master class in the traditional Russian games and dances
At this master class you will not only watch the traditional dances and songs, but also take part in them. Besides, to you - IRS participants - it is an additional opportunity to get to know each other.

Participation: We understand that in some countries the social and cultural norms may not allow boys and girls to participate in such events together. Therefore, personal involvement is not necessary, you can just be a spectator.
Dress code: Up to you. It is a good idea to wear something comfortable that lets you move freely.
Ending of the Day
Ending of the Day is a daily evening event, where we can turn to ourselves and our mood, share our experiences and impressions with others, summarize the day of project work and make plans for the next day.

Participation: Compulsory for participants and delegation leaders
Dress code: Up to you.
Morning Exercises. Traditional active games
Every morning in order to wake up, cheer up and create a good mood for the whole day to come, we exercise. After a short warm-up, we play an active game, brought by the IRS participants from different countries and regions of Russia. The day, on which your delegation will lead the morning exercises will be defined by drawing lots at the beginning of the School.

Participation: Compulsory for participants. Optional for tutors and delegation leaders
Dress code: Sports clothes.
How to prepare: Think of an exciting active game, popular in your country or region. Describe its rules in simple words in English, so you can quickly teach participants from different countries to play it. The game should not last for more than 7 minutes and should be designed in such a way so that 60-80 people can take part in it at the same time. Finally pick a fun fast piece of music and the objects that may come in handy for the game ( do not bring balls - we have a lot of them).
Sharing experience workshops for delegation leaders
At the workshop the delegation leaders share their experience in organizing students' research activity, supervise the work of the project groups and carry out joint pedagogical research.

Participation: Compulsory for delegation leaders
Dress code: Up to you.
How to prepare: Prepare a PPT presentation in English on the experience your organization has in organising students' research and project work.
    "Open-space" Time
    During the Open-space time participants, tutors or leaders themselves offer ideas for spending time together in the evening. For example, you have an activity that you would like to share with your new friends: singing songs to the guitar, creating handmade presents, etc. Maybe you want to share some knowledge or skill: teach people how to weave bracelets or even teach some words or letters in your language. If you have such ideas you may become a host of the workshop! Please think in advance (preferably before your arrival to IRS) what activity you would like to offer to the participants of your workshop. The activity should be interesting for the participants and useful for the IRS. For example, it may be a rehearsal of a song or dance, which can be shown at the Farewell party or making gifts for the participants who have birthdays during the IRS. Also decide what materials (and in which amount) you need to prepare. If you need something unusual (for example, threads for weaving bracelets) and if it is possible, please take the materials with you. We may provide paper and stationery.

    We will announce in advance when the open-space time will be held at the IRS. If you want to host a workshop you will need to fill out a form on the bulletin board with the following points:
    - Name of the workshop;
    - What will the participants do;
    - Who leads;
    - Where it takes place (playground, hall, class, etc.);
    - Who may participate (participants / leaders / tutors / all), number of people;
    - Who will participate ( the participants will write their names here).

    After dinner you prepare space for the workshop and welcome your guests! Ten workshops are held simultaneously in one evening in different places on the territory of the School.
    If you want to be a participant of the workshop, you need to write your name in the specific form on the bulletin board, go to the appointed place and get ready to enjoy the activity!

    Participation: Optional
    Dress code: Up to you.
    Cultural Evening
    Cultural Evening has always been one of the brightest and most exciting events at the IRS, because it is there where the delegations creatively present the cultures of their country or region. It is not just a concert, but a real international carnival, where you can not only watch but also participate, try and learn.

    Participation: Compulsory for all
    Dress code: National costume or its elements
    How to prepare: Prepare a good show, reflecting the culture of your country (or region) and capable of involving as many people as possible. The more interactive and creative your show is the more interesting it will be to the participants! For example, it is possible to teach the participants some movements of your national dance, lyrics of a traditional song or just a few phrases in the language of your country, or to offer the participants a funny quiz about your country, etc. You can also bring your national flags, musical instruments, traditional delights - anything that will vividly present your culture and help us all to know it better.
    Limitations: Firstly, your show should last no longer than 5 minutes, and, secondly, you can not use videos, presentations and karaoke files taken from the Internet .
    Football and volleyball matches
    Participation: Optional
    Dress code: Sports clothes
    Participation: Compulsory
    Dress code: Comfortable clothes for you to be able to walk all day, a bag to put your packed lunch in
    Song evening for tutors and delegation leaders
    The Song Evening is a party where teachers can communicate in an informal environment and sing their favorite songs in different languages.

    Participation: It is a closed event, only for tutors and delegation leaders
    How to prepare: For your international colleagues and friends to be able to sing your favorite songs with you, prepare their lyrics in Latin letters (with an English translation). If you want us to help you by playing a musical instrument, please send us recordings of the songs.
    Projects presentations (to the Committee of Experts and the IRS participants)
    Here the project groups present the results of their work and answer questions from other participants of the School, experts and invited guests.

    Participation: Compulsory for all
    Dress code: Formal clothes
    How to prepare: Please remember that you are going to tell about your project not only to the experts but also to other IRS participants and guests. Try to make your presentations as accessible as possible, so not only specialists can understand you.
    Closing ceremony
    At the official closing of the IRS all participants will be given certificates. We will also take group photos, lower the flag, and, of course, sing the IRS anthem.

    Participation: Compulsory for all
    Dress code: Formal clothes
    Farewell party
    This is the final event of the School. Here we recall the days we have spent together, dance, sing, exchange contacts, postcards and souvenirs.

    Participation: Compulsory for all
    Dress code: Festive
    How to prepare: You can bring some souvenirs
    General tips
    See the weather forecast in the city of Kaluga before departure. It is summer, but the chances of rain are always there. In addition, in the evening it may become rather chilly and there are mosquitoes (!), So it is a good idea to take a jacket, pants and closed shoes.

    Do not forget to bring small souvenirs, badges, pins, coins of your country in order to give as souvenirs and exchange with your new friends.
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