Movement which does not exist
Animation is a fantastic element. We see the movement only due to the passivity of our vision that often captures us more than the reality. Our project is aimed at finding out how it works.

Animation from the moment of its appearance in a form of optical toys in the first half of XIX century became a field for experiments which have still been going on.
Firstly, we are going to create animated movement in order to analyze viewers' perception. And then we are going to share our favourite national cartoons among other participants in order to find within them possible impact of Disney animation laws of their absence.
If you are interested in how to make a stone flow or bend and how different people see it thanks to the power of animation, welcome to our team on the project "Movement which does not exist. Power of animation and its influence on our perception".
Technical requirements:

- Smartphone or Tablet PC : Android 5.0 and the following, iOS 9.0 and the following
- Programme: Stop Motion Studio for Android or for IOS
- To create and shoot the animation you are going to need an animation studio, which you can buy or extemporize it on your own!
You will need: a light table, a tripoid and an LED Light Ring.
- Two hole punch
- А4 sheets
- Coloured pencils
- Felt-tip pens
- Pressboard (1 sheet of A4 format)
- 2 screws 5 mm

Maria Kogan-Lerner

Moscow, Russia
Mary believes in such a superpower – to animate everything you can see, or reach, or touch! Right after leaving her school, she found out that this ability is not an inborn one, but you can obtain it. After that there have been years of experiments, several films and a lot of experience for her. And she finds it very important to make all lines and objects so alive that the viewer believes in them! Every day a stop-motion animation artist deals with such challenges as how to make a wire speak, how to create jelly out of soap and make paper snow. What is more, Mary likes discovering the magic of animation to those who don't know how it works, because it stimulates new ideas! Mary was a tutor of animation project for IRS-5 and is eager to come back!

Daria Nikitina

Yelets, Russia
Daria is a teacher of English and German. She has been into it for 12 years. For the time being, she teaches professional English to future diplomats. She took part in IRS 5-8 (from 2012 to 2015) as a tutor of projects of social anthropology and very eager to come back! She loves listening to good music. From time to time she works as an interpreter at different interesting events. Daria hopes to see you soon!
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