Live history of Yakutian Museum

History, Museum Studies
As part of an express study on the topic: "The Live History of museums of Yakutia" participants will get acquainted with the concept of museums and how they interact with people and society. During the work on the study, an attempt will be made to determine how many museums of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) including the city of Yakutsk, are part of such a phenomenon as a museum part of living history.
In the modern world, the issues of the past are becoming more and more relevant, in order to meet the expectations of visitors in a rapidly changing and developing world, cultural institutions of all kinds are introducing display technologies that rethink the experience they receive and provide curators with new creative approaches for thoughtful and fascinating interaction with the audience. After all, the main thing is how the presentation of the material is formed within the framework of the "live museum", which allows visitors to participate in the narrative at deeper levels.
Live History should be understood as the complex work of the museum to create an interactive and "living" museum, where visitors are not only visitors, but part of museum activities. The main results of the project will be: firstly, a description of the living history of museums in Yakutia, the everyday life that exists around the historical (museum) space will be revealed and a parallel will be drawn between the culture on display and the surrounding reality (modern culture), as well as what place the museum and the museum object occupy in the cultural and historical memory of Yakutia.

Aleksandr Egorov

Yakutsk, Russia
Alexander , laboratory assistant, assistant of the Department of WRHEA of the Faculty of History of the M.K. Ammosov NEFU, 27 years old. I was born and live in the city of Yakutsk. I study historical memory, especially the historical memory of Yakutia, I pay more attention to the memory of events and personalities before the beginning of the twentieth century. In addition to historical memory, the field of scientific interests includes the history of Yakutia, oral history and everyday life. In 2022, I am finishing my postgraduate studies at the NEFU Faculty of History in the direction of "Russian History". There is an experience of field research, in which he traveled to various regions of Yakutia.

Айтал Яковлев

Якутск, Россия
Айтал - кандидат исторических наук, доцент ИФ СВФУ, н.с. ИГИПМНС СО РАН. Опытный полевик, объездил всю Якутию и все крупные города Дальнего Востока. Руководитель экспедиций в Монголию, Казахстан. Visiting Professor ДВФУ. Сфера научных интересов: история повседневности, трансформация традиционной культуры, культурная глобализация и традиционная структура повседневности, традиционализм, миграционные процессы.

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