Molecular docking: searching for new medicines
Chemistry & Computer Science
Medicinal chemistry is a chemistry field devoted to find new, better and safer medicines i.e. drugs. It is a field that is constantly growing. Main stages in drug development include finding new lead compounds for the desired targets (in silico search, molecular modeling and synthesis), pharmacological evaluation both in vitro and in vivo, pharmacokinetic studies, preclinical and clinical studies. Many years are needed for development of just one drug, however it is necessary to do it for the sake of humanity.

Computational chemistry is an important tool for the early stages of drug development.
As a part of the IRS 2019, which will be held in Kaluga region, in respect to their massive pharmaceutical industry, our project will be dedicated to designing and calculating the potential efficacy of new structures towards the selected disease targets.

If you are motivated to perform a research at boundaries of medicinal chemistry, willing to learn new aspects of chemistry on the computer, ambitious as we are, and have basic chemistry knowledge, come, join with us, in our enthusiastic attempt. A lot of fun, and hopefully great results are waiting for all of us!

Ivana Jevtić

Belgrade, Serbia
Ivana is currently following her goals of becoming a great scientist, and to prove herself. At the faculty of Chemistry (University of Belgrade), she enrolled in master's degree, at the Department of Organic Chemistry and in 2015 acquired the title of Master of chemistry. Currently, she is a third year student of doctoral studies at the same faculty, and deals with the science she loves, solves synthetic shenanigans, participate in writing scientific papers, and enjoys the role of assistant to undergraduate students. She hopes that, thanks to chemistry, she will travel around the world and win the Nobel Prize in chemistry, for her lifetime.

Mikhail Volkov

Penza, Russia
Mikhail was born in Penza (Russia) on April 30th, 1996. He is now finishing his studies at the Dept. of Chemistry of Lomonosov MSU. His scientific interests include chemoinformatics, 3D-approaches to structure-activity modelling of biologically active compounds, and applications of these techniques in structural virology. He actively participates in local and international workshops devoted to these topics and has presented the results of his research project at multiple conferences.
Mikhail hopes, once he will make such a contribution to computational medicinal chemistry, that will turn drug design into a more rational industry with a predictable outcome of a development processes, like modern organic synthesis or even mechanical engineering.
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