Nuclear Power and Life Safety: Radiation Safety Assessment of the Kaluga Region.
Radiation control, Ecology, Environmental Engineering
Radiation. Peaceful atom. Nuclear power. Nuclear power plants. It seems that these concepts are known to everyone. But do we know what they really are? What safety rules you need to know and follow when working with radioactive substances? How are nuclear power plants organized? How do different types of radiation affect living organisms, and which organisms are not afraid of elevated levels of radiation? What tools and methods do we use to determine the level of radiation?
Peaceful atom
If you are interested in to know the answers to these questions, if you want to learn how to work with special equipment, if the problem of environmental protection and life safety is important for you, then join our team. We will consider the concept of "radiation" from different points of view: biological, physical, environmental. And also, we will conduct assessments of radiation safety at various points in the Kaluga region.
Laboratory research work

Nadezhda Maltsevskaya

Moscow, Russia
Nadezhda was born in Moscow and graduated from Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering. Part of the research on her master thesis and PhD work was carried out at the University of Anhalt (Hochschule Anhalt), Kothen, Germany. She also trained at Hradec Králové University (Univerzita Hradec Králové), Hradec Králové, the Czech Republic, on pedagogy issues in natural science cycle disciplines.

In 2013 she began teaching Fundamentals of Biophysics" and "Fundamentals of Biotechnology" at the Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering and later at the Moscow Polytechnic University. Currently, he is an additional education teacher, working with children of different ages, conducting programs related to ecology, urban ecology, environmental monitoring, bionics, and biotechnology.

She is on the committee of experts at several All-Russian and international competitions for project and research works of schoolchildren ("Step into the Future", Vernadsky All-Russian Contest) and evaluates schoolchildren's works in the fields of ecology and environmental protection.

She loves travelling and spends her rare moments of free time visiting the most amazing places in Russia and the world.
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