Explore quantum computing!
Computer science & Physics
Imagine you have to solve an extremely hard task and even your computer would need thousands of years to solve it. What would you do? Give up? Go into the future and wait for the result? Try to solve it faster? If you are among those who are brave enough to try to solve it faster, this is definitely a project for you.

In this project you will explore the world of quantum computations and its ways to approach hard problems. You will learn about quantum mechanics principles behind those computations, as well as how to implement them on a real quantum computer. What you will also learn is how quantum computers differ from ordinary (classical) ones. We are going to be using Python language as a tool to express our ideas, and framework called Qiskit based on it for creating and using quantum programs.
Maybe you have heard about quantum computers before. People sometimes believe they are magical, but, unfortunately, that is not the case. They are just appeared to be powerful enough to solve some really hard problems efficiently. Such problems are encountered in various fields: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, Finance, and they still remain to be solved.

What will you deal with in this project? Well, you will deal with understanding of basic quantum mechanics principles, as well as their mathematical interpretation and programming implementation. The project itself does not require any particular background in quantum mechanics, mathematics, or programming, though knowledge in any of these fields would be beneficial, but you need to be prepared for abstract thinking and persistence in problem solving.

If you are interested in math, physics or programming and you are willing to solve challenging tasks, please join us in this project!

Andrey Yakovlev

Yakutsk, Russia

Andrey is a theoretical physics PhD student at North-Eastern Federal University (Yakutsk, Russia). His scientific interest is the field of quaternion functions and their application in physics (mechanics). I also like reading about history of physics, about people who discovered the world around us. This is going to be my third IRS :)

Simona Etinski

Novi Sad, Serbia

Simona is a PhD student of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Novi Sad (Serbia). Signal Processing was her major during BSc, Master and PhD studies and her research focus was on topics in speech prosessing field. Languages, both natural and programming ones, were always her great passion and she has spent more than 10 years in Petnica Research Center for high students, exploring linguistics topics, firstly as a student and than as a mentor at linguistics seminar.
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