Influence of noise on acoustic signal recognition
Sounds surround us from birth or even from before birth. You may not think about them at all and pay no attention to them - they do not usually bother you. We are accustomed to the everyday city noise so much that without it we feel that there is something missing.

To prove this point scientists often tell the true story about a certain American entrepreneur, who once made a very successful business on a fashionable beach in California, where wealthy urban people spent their holidays. What do you think he did? He sold LPs and audio cassettes with city noise recordings. There were noises of buses and trams, shouts of the crowd, etc. The cassettes and LPs sold very well.
The analysis of acoustic signals has long been part of our everyday lives - Ok, Google!, Siri (Apple), Alice (Yandex) - so that sometimes we do not even notice it. But these smart helpers do not always understand us ... Why? Maybe we speak too quietly and indistinctly or maybe the noise around affects the processing of our voice?

The School participants are invited to look at various characteristics of audio signals and answer the question to what extend the noise around us affects the quality of sound signal processing.
Sound signal oscillogram (dependence of sound signal intensity on time)
If you are interested in the nature of the sound signal and methods of its processing, we will be glad to see you in our team!

Viktoria Ryabtseva

Obninsk, Kaluga Region, Russia
Victoria is a post-graduate student in the field of "Nuclear, thermal and renewable energy and related technologies" at the Obninsk Institute of Atomic Energy (IEP) - a branch of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI. Her research works are mainly devoted to the analysis of acoustic signals in diagnostic problems. To solve these problems, Victoria uses programming languages like Dyalog APL, R and Python. In addition, Victoria was a member of the Rosatom delegation at the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students. She loves drawing and sewing, and goes hand-to-hand fighting.

Farideh Tabatabaei

Tehran, Iran
Farideh finished her B.Sc. and Master studies in physics, with major in Astronomy and her master research focus was on the solar physics. She has significant experience working with students and children. For the past three years, she worked with children on the school, assisting coaches with teaching basic physics and astronomy to high school and elementary school age children. Currently she seeking for PhD position in Europe to getting closer to her goal and become a scientist in the future. She loves programming and data analysis. Her hobbies is reading books, traveling and camping in the nature.
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