IRS 2020 Projects Revealed!
Now we are happy to say that after long and hot discussions we are finally ready to publish the list of projects, which all of you will see and some lucky ones will take part in at the IRS this summer!

- Antimicrobials: Infinity war
(Medicinal Chemistry&Computer Science)
- I see your true colors
(Visual Neuroscience)
- Movement which does not exist
- Using DNA variation to identify plants at the species level
(Plant Molecular Genetics)
- Analysis of the perception of incomplete words in different languages
- Hydrotechnical facilities of the Kaluga region: View from space
(Geography, Ecology, View from space)
- Does the soil have memory?
(Soil Science)
- Features of plant communities depending on the habitat
(Biology, Geobotany)

And now you may find more about the projects on the IRS web-site: http://irschool.org/projects2020

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