IRS 2019 Projects Revealed
1st of April 2019
Now it's time for us to reveal the most interesting thing about the coming IRS 2019 - that is what the IRS Projects will be about!

Now some of these names might sound just like a set of complex words, but very soon they will become an interesting and important brainchild of our participants.

Once again the IRS participants with gather in June to try themselves in the role of real researchers looking for answers to complex scientific questions. Many of the projects are directly related to the region in which the School is held, and may be useful for its further development. We remind you that this time the IRS is taking place in the homeland of the Russian peaceful atom - the Kaluga Region.

As you can see, the subjects range from space observations to microorganisms and from acoustics to marketing. Even a sophisticated young researcher will be able to find something really captivating among the stated topics. And project tutors, who are also coming to join the School from all over the world, will definitely help in this!
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