IRS 2018 Brochure: Best Memories Packed in a Booklet
20th of March 2019
We have collected ALL the most important and memorable about the previous IRS in one brochure! It will certainly be interesting both to those who are just planning to join the School, and to those who have long been part of our international family!

How does the landscape of Yakutia sound? Why is it that the icy Buluus does not melt even in the scorching midsummer heat? Do we need a railway bridge in Yakutsk?
How did the flood of the Lena River help a group of paleontologists to find an ancient bone and to who did it belong to? How to become a TUTOR and who are those brave guys? Was the natural repellent created by IRS participants able to scare away the bloodthirsty Yakut mosquitoes? What is OSUOHAY and how to dance it?
How did participants from 17 countries become a good team in just 10 days?

Already plunged into the warm memories of last summer?
If not, and it's the first time you've heard about all that - hurry up to read the Brochure on IRS 2018! And if so ... Then you have even more reasons to open the brochure and see all these familiar faces in the photos!
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