Lorett — Innovation, Satellites, Education
Maria Dorofeeva, who is now leading the project "Land Use of the Kaluga Region: View from Space" at the IRS, is in everyday life head of the department of educational programs in the "Lorette" company. This company turns ordinary school subjects into modern "living" science and is now a partner of IRS 2019.

The engineering company Lorette (lorett.org) was founded in April 2017 and is a resident of the "Skolkovo" Innovation Center. The founders of Lorette have almost 30 years of experience in creating technologies for receiving, processing and using satellite images.

The laboratory complex of satellite monitoring "Lorett" and the "Lentikuliaris" meteo-satellite data reception complex are the latest developments of the company. They can be embedded in educational and innovative projects as (1) a toolbox for engineering education; (2) a tool to provide access to ultra-high spatial resolution data; (3) a tool for creating an environment for the development of various services, mobile applications. The company conducts educational seminars and festivals for schoolchildren on working with the images of Earth taken from space.

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