International Research School is officially closed!
International Research School is officially closed!

The ceremonial words were spoken, the anthem sounded, our virtual flag was lowered... This means that the 13th IRS has officially ended.

Today we said goodbye to each other. We remembered our virtual path at this School, we thought what it became for us. What was the first online School like?
IRS2021 turned out to be really unique!
Despite all the surprises, technical difficulties, time difference. Probably, we managed to do the impossible: we managed to maintain the atmosphere that makes us love IRS. At the Farewell party that followed the Closing Ceremony, many kind words sounded, many fond memories came to mind.
The 13th International Research School is over.

But we still don't say goodbye!
Next year we hope to see everyone else off screen.
And where? More on that later!

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