Antimicrobials: An infinity war
Medicinal Chemistry & Computer Science
Let's talk about bacteria and viruses. They are all around us, and in us. Most of them are friendly, live in synergism with our body, but, some of them are crazy, and some of them are even more crazy.

You can hear about those on TV or in newspapers, like HIV, Ebola virus, malaria, MRSA, tuberculosis etc. A post-apocalyptic movie scenario can happen if we don't end this infinity war. But can we?
The resistance of these microbes to the antibiotics and antivirotics that exist on the market, is a serious problem, mostly caused by people. But we are not ordinary people, we are scientists or yet to be, we are avengers of this war, and we have a weapon for this fight!
By using computational chemistry tools we can try to design new, better medicines to fight this war. Some of us will succeed, and that will be a great discovery! Maybe worth of the Nobel prize itself. If you want to learn how, this project is the right place for you! Let's touch the top of this iceberg, and let's help to bring this war to an end game!

Ivana Jevtić

Belgrade, Serbia
Ivana is from Belgrade, Serbia, and she is soon to be a PhD in Chemistry. You all heard about Breaking bad tv show, well, she is living it. We are just joking, but seriously, Ivana believes that chemistry is amazing, because you can do a bunch of cool stuff in the lab! She prefers Organic and Medicinal Chemistry because it explains how life works, on the molecular level. She says, that when you are a scientist, you can meet a lot of nerds like yourself, who likes SciFi books, movies and games and in general, knows a lot of unimportant trivia about a lot of stuff. And one more thing, scientists never grow old. That is what Ivana likes about it! This is her fourth time to be a tutor at IRS, the experience of that is precious.

Aisha Parven

Saskatoon, Canada
Aisha is a fourth year student at the University of Saskatchewan. Along with being a student, she is also an aspiring scientist who hopes to work with breast cancer cells to find a treatment. She has worked on a few projects that have been ranked and recognized nationally. Her treatment for breast cancer cells using indium and gold-nanoparticles ranked Gold city wide and Silver nationwide. Other than cancer research, Aisha enjoys swimming, watching Netflix, and cooking!
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