Study of the Innovative Business Environment in the Kaluga Region
Business, Startups, Marketing
Business development is one of the urgent topics of research in economics, management and business administration. Moreover, the results of such research are useful not only for science and scientists, but also for those creating real businesses.

Have you ever thought that launching a start-up and its further development depends on the environment in which the new business is grown? The Kaluga region is unique, as it provides very preferable conditions for an innovative business to grow: financial and consulting support, preferential conditions, surety, and even support in the development of ideas and products.
During our project work we will study different forms of innovative business in the Kaluga region, products and services, development paths, opportunities and barriers due to government regulation. Together we will analyze the business environment of the Kaluga region, understand the basic approaches to business modeling, create interview guides, conduct video interviews with the key players of the market and learn from the entrepreneurs how to build successful business models and develop products. As a result, a business report will be created.

This project is a perfect opportunity to immerse into the topic of entrepreneurship and startups on a truly scientific level and understand the essentials of business development.

If you are sociable, want to upgrade your analytical and creative skills, eager to develop in business, management and economics, this project is for you. We are looking forward to seeing you in our team.

Katerina Panchenko

Moscow, Russia
Katerina is master student at the Institute of Education of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Before this she got a bachelor degree in business and management there. Today she is studying the educational trajectories and combines her studies with practice in the laboratory of lifelong learning and an internship in the training and development department of a French company.

During her bachelor studies Katerina was mentoring school students in their business projects. She also participated in projects by international companies (Deloitte, Unilever, Rambler&Co, Renault) and startups. This gave her an opportunity to practically apply her theoretical knowledge.During her master course she got a chance to take part an expedition that studied educational practices.

Her interest in business development and management appeared during the school years after attending her first business training. It was also in this period that she got interested in education. That is why she considers it important to get involved in something at the school age.

She spent a lot of time inspiring young people to discover and polish their talents and strongly believes, that with ambition and motivation people can do anything they want.

Anna Grosheva

Moscow, Russia
Anna graduated from the Economics Faculty of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, and now is Master student at the Institute of Education there. Now she is studying student diversity, working as a mentor of schoolchildren's business projects and teaching economics.

During her undergraduate program, Anna worked as a counselor in the Professional Orientation Camp for HSE applicants, was the author of business games in economics, management, and business informatics. After graduating from the HSE, Anna worked for a year in the large international company "Deloitte", which helped her to practically see how business processes and various departments of a company work. She was also interested in research and she worked in the Institute for Industrial and Market Studies.

Anna has always wanted to understand how business works, how to set up your own business, how large companies operate - this helped her to make her professional choice and now she wants to share her ideas with others.

It is important for Anna that everyone who is coming to the International Research School can discover new sides in themselves, try themselves in new roles and make their own personal discoveries.
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