A fresh look at your city and its buildings –
Rocks in the Architecture of Different Countries
Today we will tell you about the IRS 2021 project, which will allow you to take a fresh look at your city and its buildings, see its beauty through a new lens, and reveal its secrets – Rocks in the Architecture of Different Countries

A lot of materials that surrounding objects are made of (various alloys, glass or bricks) were created with the participation of geologists. But quite a few rocks undergo minimal processing before becoming a building or decorative material.

So we suggest that we have a bit closer look at those minimally processed rocks. We invite you to walk with us through our cities and to find a little hidden geological charm by looking at the cities from a different viewpoint.

We invite you to see and understand the general patterns in choosing certain rocks as facing and building materials, as well as the reasons why these patterns are used, to immerse yourself in the history of construction, reconstruction and other transformations in the lives of buildings in your city.

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Videopresentation by tutors: Shchekleina Maria & Andrea Dalí Gómez Orozco
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