Mapping and forecasting future
methane release in Arctic
Nowadays we face a problem of climate change, which causes the degradation of frozen rocks in the Arctic region. It is especially important since the permafrost restrains huge amounts of methane (CH4), one of the main greenhouse gases.
The significant release of methane into the atmosphere additionally contributes to global warming, so it is very important for scientists to observe this process.

During our project work, we will learn how to dermine the Earth's heat balance, get acquainted with the methods of geophysical exploration, which will allow us to interpret the real geophysical field data. We will analyze the data of cross sections of a part of Arctic shelf of the East Siberian Sea for different years and compare them with each other.

Hope that you are encouraged to learn more about this remote and severe region which is playing an important role in the Earth`s climate.

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Videopresentation by tutor: Petr Sobolev
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